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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Old School Paperback
by Jeff Kinney

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Great book! I loved the adventure of Greg and his storytelling about not wanting to go on the field trip and getting in trouble for things that happened around the house (dropping the lid of the toothpaste down the sink, dad's bumper falling off his car, a leaky ceiling, etc.).

Princess from another planet
by Mindy Schanback

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this book is a good book i like it

Junie B. Jones Is A Beauty Shop Guy
by Barbara Park

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What I liked about this book was that Junie was beginning to cut her stuffed animals hair, thinking that it would grow back, but she got in trouble. She tried to do the same thing for her dog, but got grounded. I felt that it was a funny book!

Junie B. Jones Is Not a Crook
by Barbara Park

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What I liked about this book was that she had lost her mittens at the playground. It was funny when she ran around the tree screaming 911. She told her grandpa that she had lost her mittens. Grandpa told her a story about losing his wallet at a store but it was returned the next day to his mailbox, not a single penny missing.

What Mommies Do Best; What Daddies Do Best
by Laura Joffe Numeroff,Lynn Munsinger

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What I liked about this book is that the children were helping their mommies and daddies!

P.J. Funnybunny's Bag of Tricks
by Marilyn Sadler

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What I like about this book is that P.J. is silly!

Owl Diaries
by Rebecca Elliott

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so fare i love the book

Tuesday's Promise One Veteran
by Luis Carlos Montalvan - Tuesdays Promise

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Very interesting book!! Anyone who has dealt with the VA (or actually, any health care system) can understand what he has gone through. Loved reading it but was so saddened by the "Afterword".

Fancy Nancy I Can Read
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I liked the fancy words Nancy used. This was a funny book.